NoPhoto Red Light Camera Jammer

This small device detects a traffic camera’s flash and then illuminates your license plate to jam the photo and prevent a ticket. noPhoto is the only legal defense for Red Light Camera tickets.

When noPhoto’s microprocessor detects a flash it automatically determines whether it’s a true camera flash. It then illuminates the license plate at the precise moment so that the traffic camera photo appears as just a white blur. NoPhoto works using infra-red technology so it functions in day and night conditions more than 100 feet away even in direct sunlight.

Life is stressful: driving doesn’t have to be. You have a lot to think about – the last things you need to worry about are speed and red light cameras. You’ve seen the flashes, and now you can defend yourself for the first time with the noPhoto.

noPhoto detects the flash from red light & speed camera’s in all weather conditions, and its software filtering ensures it does not detect false alerts. The noPhoto reacts instantly, adding additional list so the license plate appears white to the traffic cameras.

Any noPhoto purchased from an authorized dealer is covered by the Ticket Free Guarantee. If you receive a citation from a traffic camera with the noPhoto on your car, simply provide us with a copy of the citation with an installed noPhoto clearly visible and we will reimburse the cost of the ticket.

noPhoto is 100% legal in the state of New York.


  • Software filtering prevents false alerts
  • Fits on all cars and trucks
  • Powerful Digital Signal Processing technology enhances valid detection so the noPhoto never misses a single flash
  • Shadows, car headlights, sunlight, and police LIDAR guns are just some of the false alerts that the noPhoto is intelligent enough to filter out
  • Ultra-fast microprocessor reacts in microseconds to properly categorize the threat and fire the noPhoto’s flash


Legal notification: noPhoto is not intended for sale in those jurisdictions in which the use of the noPhoto is illegal. Please check your respective state and local laws accordingly.

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